INatural resource managers are continually required to justify to funders, stakeholders and the public how the implementation of priority projects or programs meet program objectives. 2NDNATURE has been instrumental in developing plans, platforms and processes to define program performance metrics. A number of these programs have been operationalized into web-based accounting platforms to track and report progress to stakeholders and the public. Robust metrics must support our fundamental objectives toward achieving desired conditions, be feasible to measure, and provide meaningful programmatic tracking over time and space. 2NDNATURE integrates the technical concepts to guide resource managers to develop meaningful and feasible approaches to quantify the benefits of public dollars expended to protect and improve natural resources. Examples of 2NDNATURE’s latest work in programmatic tracking for the Lake Tahoe TMDL, Napa River Sediment TMDL, and Santa Cruz IRWMP can be read here.